We have listed relevant links that will help you find your local elected officials, voters information and dates for important elections. In many ways, local elections are more important than federal elections so to impact change we must get involved in elections on every level. Here’s an article on why you need to vote in off-year elections.


The United States Legislative Branch consists of 435 House of Representatives (two-year terms) and 100 Senators (six-year terms), 2 from each of the 50 states. Together they form the United States Congress. Learn more about the Legislative Branch and the legislative process.

Track Congress Bills and Votes – You may also sign up to track the progress of bills and find out how members of Congress are voting.

Track Bill Activity For A Specific Member of Congress

United States Senate/House of Representatives

Important National Links

United States House of Representatives

Find the Senators by State

Congress.gov/Library of Congress

Find All of Your Elected Officials

How to contact a U.S. House of Representative

How to contact a U.S. Senator

Check Voter Registration Status

Register to Vote

Find your polling location

Find Your Sample Ballot – This website will tell you what elections you have coming up and what candidates will be on your ballot.